Infants Program

About the Program:
Open Arms Turtle and Penguin rooms are places where our babies receive loving, hands-on nurturing care throughout the day.  Developmental milestones are encouraged through play and one-on-one teacher involvement.  Lots of love and hugs are given to each child daily and individual schedules are a priority.

Basic Philosophy:

  • During the first two years of life children need to acquire basic trust, a pervasive sense of the essential trustworthiness of oneself and others.  This sense of safety and security comes from responsive, predictable care from familiar others to whom the child is attached.  This trust is also related to trust in God.
  • Each child also needs to develop a sense of autonomy, a sense of being a separate independent self.  This comes from being treated as an individual and being allowed increasing opportunities for independence.
  • Children need to feel a sense of personal power.  Each child needs to know he/she can affect (influence) things.
  • Children need to develop a sense of competence.  This means the child says, “I can achieve things.”




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