Preschool Program


Our Preschool Program plan is divided into five tiers of learning:

Goal: To promote children’s knowledge of God the Creator, and Jesus as Savior and friend, have Christian love and care modeled, and given an arena in which to experience Christian living.

Children will participate in worship, prayer, singing praises to God, listening to Bible stories, and treating others as Children of God.

Goal: To promote children’s verbal, exploring, questioning and problem-solving skills in order to develop their thinking ability.

Children meet this goal while participating in lessons for language development, literature, math, and science experiences.

Goal: To encourage children to remain in touch with the full range of feelings, achieve empathy, build a sense of self-esteem, and develop a sense of identity.

Children will foster attitudes of trust, autonomy, and initiative, express feelings in an appropriate manner, instill empathy and develop a positive self-concept through learning and play.

Goal: To develop the ability to interact in a social setting in an acceptable manner, and see one’s self as part of a larger community.

Children will be provided opportunities to work and play cooperatively with other children during group play and meal times.

Goal: To develop one’s perceptual sense and large and small motor skills.

Children are provided opportunities to develop gross and fine motor skills in and out of the classroom, move their bodies in a variety of ways as well as play outdoors.



Monkeys focus on monthly themes in Math, Science, Social Studies, and more.

Examples of themes include but are not limited to:

  • All about me, Friendship, Family, Community Helpers, Transportation, Recycling and Stranger Danger.
  • Five Senses, Seasons, Nutrition and Health, Weather, Space, Dental Health, Animal Life cycles, Plants and Gardens.
  • Shapes, Colors, Numbers, Counting, Patterns, Matching, Graphing, Positions, Measuring, Comparing and Sequencing.
  • Apples, Pumpkins, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Jesus Birthday, Snow and mittens, Polar Animals, God’s Love, Dinosaurs, Easter, Zoo and Bugs.

Children participate in Circle Time daily where they learn about the calendar, weather and more.

Children practice skills using gross and fine motor skills like holding a pencil, cutting with child safe scissors, lacing and much more.

Each classroom prepares the children to go into the next room where their skills are enhanced and built upon getting them ready for Kindergarten.


Tigers & Giraffes:

The Tiger & Giraffe classes uses the Creative Curriculum and the McGraw Hill Curriculum to prepare your children for Kindergarten.

  • Social-emotional development is addressed everyday through positive reinforcement, interactive activities, and engaging songs to help model and build interpersonal skills.
  • Reading/ language arts lessons are focused on language acquisition, which include oral language development, alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness and vocabulary activities.
  • Mathematics is based on Building Blocks, the result of NSF-funded research, and designed to develop children’s early mathematical knowledge through various individual and group activities.
  • Science instruction provides students with skills in investigating and observing scientific concepts and methods during weekly science-focused, large-group activities, and Center Time activities.
  • Fine arts provides student opportunities for expressing art, dance, and music
  • Social studies is addressed weekly and allows children to learn about community, history, geography, and citizenship.
  • Physical movement is integrated into each lesson to help each child develop appropriate gross and fine motor skills.
  • Health and safety lessons help children begin to make good decisions about healthy living and safety.

Below is a link to see a sample and get more information about the McGraw Hill Preschool Curriculum.

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