Standard Room Weekly Rates5 Day4 Day3 Day2 Day
Infant Turtles & Penguins (Ratio 1:4)$325$292.50$243.75$195
Toddler Alligators & Koala Bears (Ratio 1:7)$275$247.50$206.25$165
Preschool Monkeys, Tigers & Giraffes (Ratio 1:10)$245$220.50$183.75$147


*Rates effective ending 12/31/2017

Tuition includes Breakfast and Afternoon Snack.

Fee Information

$60 Non-refundable Registration Fee per child (paid at enrollment)

Parents are asked to provide lunch from home or pay $2.50/day for hot lunch.

Available Tuition Discounts:

Members of Holy Emmanuel Lutheran Church receive a 10% discount on tuition


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