Preschool Care


Monkey Classroom | 36 months - 4 years

Lead Teacher Miss Michelle

Open Arms 3-Year-Old Monkeys say…Welcome to the Monkey room. Enter at the risk of being loved, having fun and experiencing many other Christ-like behaviors. We learn through play and exploration and our teacher’s role is to extend our play into learning. At this stage in our development, we are learning to interact socially with our friends and to use our words when we are frustrated. You will notice that us Monkeys never pass by a challenge as we seek to gain our independence from our teachers and parents but often need the reassurance that only a hug can give.

Tiger Classroom | 3 1/2 years - 4 1/2 years

Lead Teacher Miss Carolyn

As a veteran early childhood educator, administrator and consultant I can tell you… Research has shown that for some children, a 3-year stable learning environment with the same teacher and class room produces greater success in developing foundational and lifelong critical thinking, learning and leadership skills while preparing them for Kindergarten and beyond. Open Arms Tiger Room has children ages 3-5 years old. Younger children experience accelerated skill development due in part to the consistency of environment and teaching techniques and learning from their observation of and assistance from the older children in the room. The older children develop a stronger level of skill proficiency and effective life-long leadership abilities due to their role as “teacher” in helping the younger children. My experience is and research shows many children benefit from a multiage class room setting, accelerate in math and science throughout their elementary and secondary education while thriving in social leadership roles.


Giraffe Classroom | The Year Before Kindergarten

Lead Teacher Mr Andy

As the Open Arms Director I can tell you…In the giraffe room we stimulate each child’s innate curiosity and exploratory nature to prepare them for a love of learning and the skills needed to succeed in school and life. Children are physically and cognitively able to take on more challenges while still engaging in the important foundational learning of friendship building, communication skills, and developing their individual God given talents. The primary goals for children graduating from Open Arms is that they have developed a relationship with Christ, knowledge of the Bible and that they are beyond Kindergarten Ready.

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