Toddler Care


Alligators Classroom | 16 months - 24 months

Lead Teacher Miss Erin

Open Arms 1 Year-Old Alligators say… In the alligator room we are on the move and ready to learn, from ABC’s and 123’s, colors and shapes to outside adventures, our day is packed full with loving fun. Our teachers use the Creative Curriculum as the framework to create lesson plans that meet each of our unique needs. We actively explore our environment through play with sensory, language, music, math, science, dramatic play, and motor activities each day. A highlight of the day is Jesus Time when we learn to sing praises.

Koala Bears Classroom | 24 months - 36 months

Lead Teacher Miss Erin

Open Arms Parents say… In the Koala room our children continue to grow in their understanding of Jesus’ love for them, gain their independence and develop self-help skills. Teachers partner with us in the goal of potty training each of our children prior to entering preschool. They are encouraged to put on their own shoes, pants, and coats, all the while teachers remember, they are still small and in need of loving hugs, quiet moments, and gentle encouragement. Our little ones develop a wonderful confidence and joy in their ability to learn, that will serve them well throughout life.


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